Three Tips for Homeowners Needing Foundation RepairSo you just found out that your home has major foundation damage and needs to be repaired. You were hoping the cracks would go away and not be an issue, but it turns out the house is settling and needs foundation piers. Until now, you have never even heard of foundation piers, so now what do you do? Don’t panic, we put together a few tips to help you through the process as you meet with different foundation repair companies.

Research the Foundation Company

This seems like a no brainer, but it is important to take some time to research the company. Read the company’s website and learn about their products. Some important things to know include the following. What kind of piers do they use? What are the benefits of their piers? Do they offer a warranty on their products? Also, be sure to look online for some reviews. Most companies will have reviews on Google, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, etc.

Research the Products

There are several different types of foundation piers available, and every company likes to boast of how their system is the best. It is important to take the time to educate yourself about the foundation piers that a company uses to fix your foundation. Any quality foundation repair company will have extensive information about their products. There are a lot of cheap piers on the market that will fail relatively quickly. We use the DynaPier® because it was engineered for strength and durability. Learn more about the DynaPier® here.

Pay Attention to the Whole Process

It is important to pay close attention to your whole experience with each foundation repair company. Was the company polite on the phone when you called them to schedule an appointment? You can tell a lot about how a company treats it’s customers by their customer service on the phone. Was the technician that evaluated your house professional and knowledgeable? Does the company warranty their products? Be sure that the company is well rounded and provides excellent customer service. That means they will take care of your property and your needs.

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