We all know that during the rainy seasons basements can leak and moisture is present. Many homeowners, however, do not know that the risk of their basement leaking in the winter is just as high as the risk of it leaking during the rainy season.

During the winter months, if your basement is not waterproofed, the snow can make your basement more vulnerable to leaks. This is because basements generally give off heat; this heat causes the snow, about 8 inches away from the foundation, to melt. Creating a pocket of moisture that is trapped between the frozen soil and basement walls. Another reason your basement can leak is once temperatures began to rise snow begins to melt, causing the moisture in the soil to melt and leak in your home.

So, you may be wondering how can you make sure your basement isn’t ruined by leaking water during the winter? One of the best things you can do to protect your basement from leaks is to check your walls and call a professional if you have any issues or concerns. A professional will be able to connect any problems to foundation issues. Another way to protect your basement is before winter hits, check and clean your gutters of any leaves and debris. Some homeowners may also find relief in leaking water by installing an above floor baseboard channel; this will allow the water that is not stopped by sealing the wall cracks, to be collected by the baseboard channel.

Preparing for the winter months as soon as possible can not only prevent water damage and molding but also the loss of money and time. Hoping that your home won’t be affected by winter water damage is not enough preparation. Be sure to take all precautions against the winter as you do the rainy season.