Unless you are interested in the piping, duct work, and wiring running through your crawl space, you probably do not spend a whole lot of time in that space, unless you are storing valuables in there. 

Though you may not go in there all that often, your crawl space is one of those areas in your house, like an attic or unfinished basement, that you simply cannot neglect.  As much as 40-50% of the air you breathe in your home comes from your crawl space.

No, we do not mean that you need to go in there and crawl around, but that you actually need to consider a service that too many homeowners ignore: crawl space drainage. 

What is Crawl Space Drainage? 

Though we here at Best Waterproofing do a lot of work related to crawl space repair, we also specialize in preventative measures to protect your home against any potential water damage. Crawl space drainage is one such preventative measure, but it can also be used in instances of repair.  

Crawl space drainage consists of installing a drainage system in your crawl space to protect it from any water that may seep through or leak into your crawlspace. 

Crawl space drainage is so important because even if you are not storing your valuables down in there, there is still plenty of stuff that is valuable. 

What is What in Your Crawl Space? 

We already mentioned the piping, duct work, and wiring that you can expect to find in your crawl space, but there is still more, such as insulation (that fluffy, foamy stuff on the walls). 

Those pieces of wood that support the ceiling of your crawl space—or, the underside of your floor—are called floor joists. In many homes, there are stronger beams that also support the ceiling, with the beam in the middle of the floor called the girder, which itself is typically supported by what are called piers. 

The thing to know here is: There are a lot of foundational elements in your crawl space that are absolutely essential to the structural integrity of your home. Additionally: You do not want those elements to get water-damaged. 

Crawl Space Problems that Come with Water Damage 

Without the proper preventative measures, your crawl space may suffer soggy or falling insulation, mold, moisture damage, pest infestations, rotten framing, and more. 

How Best Waterproofing Can Help You 

We offer a variety of drainage systems that can help keep your crawl space safe and in-shape. 

We recommend getting a French drainage system with a sump pump for effective crawl space drainage solutions. We specialize in both exterior and interior French drain installation, and particularly recommend the interior French drain installation for your crawl space. 

A French drain is often used to protect the foundations of buildings, which is why it is such a perfect fit for a crawl space. A French drain is a trench where a pipe is laid to redirect water away from your foundation. 

A sump pump is put on the lowest spot of your crawl space. Water from in-home leaks or rainwater or melted snow will naturally be drained by the sump pump. Our sump pumps are high quality and include a back-up battery, so you can rest easy knowing that the chances of a breakdown are low. 

The combination of the French drain and sump pump results in one of the most effective drainage solutions available for homeowners, as it provides added protection through the sump pump. 

Our installations are custom-made to fit your specific property, so you can be sure to get the most out of your French drain! 

High-Quality, Long-Lasting Crawl Space Drainage 

Reach out to Best Waterproofing if you want the best and most effective crawl space drainage solution in Kentuckiana!