Here at Best Waterproofing, we work to ensure that our customers’ homes are safe from flooding and water damage, both on the inside and outside. 

Many of our customers are largely concerned with their basement or attic, but we continually remind them that their yards are just as important. 

A flooded yard can cause serious structural damage to your home that can not only make it less safe to live in, but lower its overall property value. 

Groundwater can be a serious menace for any home, which is why we recommend getting a drainage system installed to keep groundwater and surface water from messing up your home’s foundation. 

The Best Yard Drainage System

The most popular option among our customers is the French drain system, which is an effective solution for handling all sorts of tough weather. 

You have likely seen this type of yard drainage system before. A French drain is one of those long, grooved tubes that you will occasionally see sticking out of a mound of rocks, much like a yard snake. 

It is installed by first digging a trench and installing the pipe, then covered with gravel or rock, so that your neighbors do not look over into your yard and see a rather unsightly tube running the length of it. 

We can customize the size of your French drain based on the expected volume and intensity of rain that can be expected on your yard, ensuring that you get the most cost-optimal solution with Best Waterproofing. 

Other Solutions 

Whether you have a French drain system installed or not, there are other options available for you. 

For one, you can extend the downspout (the part of your gutter that goes to your ground and curves out) so that water that collects in the gutter goes further away from your home’s foundation. 

Some people want to both beautify their yard while also preventing groundwater flooding or damage. This can be achieved with a rain garden, which involves digging a depressed area in your yard where rain can be routed to from your home. 

If you have a French drain, you can put a rain garden where the perforated pipe lets the collected water out into, so that you end up with a stylish walking path and garden that doubles as a home-saver. 

 A simple solution that helps prevent water damage is correcting any of your walking stones, stoops, or driveway gravel/stones (if applicable). These can be common culprits for water to run off from toward your home. 

Also, be sure you are not obstructing any of your drainage tools, such as the downspout or French drain, with raised gardens. The goal is to ensure that runoff water has an unobstructed and easy flow away from your house and yard. 

Louisville’s Best Waterproofing Solutions

Interested in keeping your home safe and its property value high? Then do not hesitate to reach out to Best Waterproofing today to get the best yard drainage solutions!