Love it or hate it, snow is something you have to deal with during your average winter. 

If you love snow, you might be building snowmen and making snow angels. If you hate it, then you will probably be struggling to keep your cool on snow-covered roads. 

However you feel about snow, you are going to be facing the same problem once it melts: Standing water in your yard. 

Standing water can take the form of puddles or larger bodies of water on your yard. If you have ever walked down a lawn with a few inches of water soaking your shoes, then you are familiar with standing water. 

What Problems Are Caused By Standing Water? 

Here at Best Waterproofing, we understand the threats that standing water can pose to your yard. 

Insect infestations, particularly mosquitos, can occur in water. 

If you are big into landscaping, then standing water can pretty much ruin whatever investments you have made in ornamental plants and other lawn care. 

Puddles of standing water can kill your grass. 

There is also the possibility of waste accumulating in the water. This can contaminate the water and increase the possibility of you or your family getting infected. 

Leaves falling on your lawn can become moldy as well, which is another health hazard. 

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, standing water can do some pretty serious damage to the foundation of your home. This is one of the biggest threats to lowering your home’s property value, not to mention the safety of anyone living in it. 

Winter Yard Drainage Solutions to Keep Out Standing Water

With all these problems to worry about, it would make sense for you to invest in yard drainage solutions this winter. 

You can do plenty of things to help prevent or mitigate the effects of standing water. 

Building a rain garden, for example, creates a designated space where your lawn’s standing water will collect. 

Adding garden compost or manure to your lawn can also help make it more amenable to water absorption. 

That being said, the single best yard drainage solution is to install a French drain

A French drain will route all of the standing water in your yard into a location that is safe to collect water. The drain is also covered with gravel, so you get the benefits of a drainage system with a stylish addition to your yard as well. 

Our team is experienced in winter yard drainage, and will install a yard drainage system that is uniquely fit for your yard’s needs. 

Louisville’s Best Waterproofing Solutions

Reach out to Best Waterproofing today if you want to keep your lawn and home safe once the snow melts. 

When it comes to waterproofing, there is no time like the present to get the service you need, even if it is winter. Protection from and prevention of standing water problems is just one of our specialties. 

Interested in keeping your home safe and its property value high? The do not hesitate to reach out to Best Waterproofing today to get the best basement waterproofing, yard drainage solutions, and other great services!